QA Interview Test

As QA testers we are often asked to test applications with very little documentation of how they should behave. It is imperative for QA to be able to investigate functionality, analyze what it does and does not, test it, and be able to document those tests. Your tasks are to:

  1. Investigate the test application below and understand what it does and determine what it is meant to do. Write a two or three sentence explanation of the application.
  2. Find the bugs. There are more than a few. Have a list of the bugs you find prepared for the interview. Just a short description of the bug. No need for full documentation. Example
  3. Outline the test cases you would write for this site. Bring that outline to the interview. Just an outline of the test cases, no need for fully documented tests. Example
  4. Outline potential enhancement requests you could make for the site. Example

Your responses to the four tasks above will weigh heavily on our evaluation of your skills. So please take your time and be thorough.

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